More about us:

Stay for Skills is a Peer-to-Peer platform on private accommodation, where skills are our currency. Stay4Skills allows members to find accommodation in exchange of  specific skills. As a host you may invite a guest on the basis of what you need or would like to learn. A guest could be a photographer, a dancer, a musician, a gardener, a chef, an electrician and so forth. In short, anyone possessing a specific skill who is capable and willing to pass and convey his/her expertise. As an example, a photographer wishing to dedicate sometime per day to teach photography in change of accommodation. Or, similarly, a host can be looking for a chef who can prepare a superb dinner in exchange of accommodation, or a dancer can teach the host on his/her preferred dance.

Stay4Skills Ltd. is based in London, founded by serial entrepreneur Mario Bucolo.

Please join our waiting list, first 20 users in any new city will receive free lifetime subscription, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible, thank you. Mario Bucolo, Founder & CEO.